About us

Our Mission

We believe in creating unique bodies of work that will hold iconic value for years to come. Our goal is to create breathtaking experiences and allow others to experience our team’s gift to create great design influences in any environment.


The epitome of design has been a significant influence of mine since adolescence. Through nontraditional studies and exposure through travel, I have expanded the breadth and depth of my reach by taking on an array of challenging design experiences. The inspiration of my bodies of work is rooted in architecture, art, painting, textiles, interior design, furniture, graphic design, advertising, outdoor art, and visual communication.

Born in Ghana, throughout my childhood, the essence of my soul was introduced to the brilliance of colors. The ambiance and intrigue of color guided my admittance to a prestigious design school in Moscow, Russia, where I studied advertising and interior design. Through further pursuance of a Master of Fine Arts, my body of work transitioned into a quasi-abstract influence, a mix of beautiful mediums of art, materials, textures, and creatively innovative muses. Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is where I further expanded my education in design, which enabled me to provide award-winning and iconic contributions to architecture, art, and design community.


Graphic influences have been the core inspiration of my body of my work. Being guided by my passion since early childhood, design has erupted unique within me creative monuments of my work. My body of work has reached across several design motifs such as branding, graphic design, packaging, art, caricatures, infographics, book covers, and more. I have helped with the creation of distinctive work that has contributed to businesses and individual’s advancement with their visions.

I look forward to continuing to be the bridge that helps others tap into their unique greatness.